Olympix Corporation

Manufacturers in this industry are taking the full advantages of the use of ferrite cores. They design their products as to make them electromagnetically quiet and resistant to it by use of filters fabricated with ferrite cores.

Ferrite cores come in various sizes and properties to accomplish various designs. Very small ferrite filters are on the circuit board that you cannot see from outside of the products. They design the products as to enclose all circuits within by means of metal. This technique is called shielding, that is to electromagnetically isolate the inside and outside of the products.

So it’s perfect, right? Not quite yet. The inside and outside worlds must be able to communicate to make that function. The computer must be powered and connected to a display for example. How do you do that? Through wires or cables. That is where the shielding becomes incomplete.

Now, what do you do? Use ferrite cores on your cables! Ferrite cores let desired signals go through but block out others. Some manufacturers supply cables with ferrite cores. Some, and many previous generation computers don’t. Solution? Use split ferrite cores on those cables!

Installation for Computers

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